Alexander Melgar is a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, and business coach extraordinaire. From a modest restaurant owner in El Salvador to the founder of a top-ranking nationwide facility maintenance organization, Alex has sculpted his journey with determination, learning, and an innate calling for entrepreneurship.

Ambassador Services

Alex founded Ambassador Services after having worked as a floor technician and experiencing firsthand what it means to tend to the needs of customers. His enterprising experience in the hospitality sector gave him the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to set the foundation of a company based on solid core values: honesty, commitment, and transparency. These values are at the heart of Ambassador Services, and its people work tirelessly every day to uphold them.

Ambassador Services is your single source for comprehensive maintenance and ground solutions. The goal of the company is to provide an exceptional customer experience by creating inspiring spaces where teams can thrive and clients to focus on growing their business.


Through eco-innovative solutions, safe procedures, and swift communication, Ambassador Services has earned an unparalleled 95% customer retention rate and lasting relationships with the owners of more than 395 commercial properties. Ambassador Services also boasts an 82% employee retention rate, showing proof of excellence to everyone associated with the company.


Ambassador Services maintains its flawless track record by ensuring that every person, facility, and all greenery is treated with professionalism and care.


While operating Ambassador Services, Alex discovered there wasn’t a service management platform that could do everything his business needed, so he decided to create a proprietary solution. uSource is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform designed by maintenance industry experts with a combined 100+ years of experience. 

uSource’s goal is to empower maintenance service providers to meet their clients’ needs—from scheduling the crew to billing the client, tracking work orders, running reports, and overseeing operations in real-time.

Maintenance service companies come in all sizes. Some only offer cleaning and janitorial services, and others offer HVAC, landscaping, and everything in between. uSource can adapt to all of these different types of maintenance service models, and businesses only have to pay for who’s using the system, and what they’re using it for.

uSource is changing the future of the facility maintenance industry, making it easier for maintenance businesses to scale while improving communications, increasing sales, and promoting safe operations. It handles the details and grants business owners the ability to effectively manage their business.

The uSource team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for users. The uSource development team continues to update and improve the platform based on feedback from its community of users.

GMT Capital

GMT Capital is a private equity firm with investments and formal business acquisitions in diverse sectors, including:


  • Real Estate
  • Finance & Investments
  • Commercial Maintenance Services
  • Technology


The mission of GMT Capital is to invest in entrepreneurs and execute business acquisitions.

GMT Capital provides financial support to various organizations and offers their executives the mentorship, advisory, and support they need to thrive. The funding for GMT Capital investments originates from private capital and the support of a small, tight network of investors.

GMT capital empowers entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas by funding their business as majority shareholders. This model allows the GMT team to be more hands-on to help drive the overall strategy and direction of a growing business.

With more established businesses, GMT takes on a minority advisory role, where Alex Melgar and other investors provide consulting support for their long-term strategic direction, and coach them on their day-to-day operational challenges, preventing unnecessary missteps and guiding them in scaling the business.

GMT Capital also helps identify companies that would complement your line of business and merge with them to create a more efficient model, expansion into new markets, and a robust service delivery. The GMT Capital investment team has acquired companies into their partner organizations and have also referred business for others entrepreneurs in their network.

Endless Ventures

Endless Ventures is a private equity firm based in Panama City. The firm invests in and supports early-stage startups from Central America. The primary focus of Endless Ventures is to unlock the potential of technology and real estate businesses.  Endless Ventures is involved in five to ten deals per year, with an average startup valuation ranging from $5,000,000 to $20,000,000. 


Endless Ventures currently holds investments in multiple companies, including start-ups in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. Endless Venture’s portfolio companies include Mercandu, MDU Pay, DiiMO, and Blackfish.


DiiMO is a fintech company focused on providing financial solutions through digital and remote processes. It specializes in offering short-term working capital solutions, primarily targeting microenterprises and individuals with lower salaries who require immediate access to funds. 


DiiMO operates by offering small amounts of capital, making it an ideal solution for those who face day-to-day financial fluctuations and do not have access to traditional credit systems.


Alex Melgar through Endless Ventures participated as a lead investor, and board member in the DiiMo project.

Mountain Investments

Mountain Investments is a direct private lender that provides financing solutions to real estate investors across Texas. Servicing both domestic investors and foreign nationals, Mountain Investments provides quality financing with a focus on speed, confidentiality, and white-glove service. 

Mountain Investments is a direct lender of its own capital, giving the company the flexibility to make loans that competitors cannot. Its focus is on short-term, asset-based commercial loans; Mountain Investments funds the majority of the acquisition, development, and/or improvement of a property. 

Mountain Investments is currently focused on Houston and surrounding areas with plans to expand into other major markets nationally in the near term.

MNA Partners is a community fund created to primarily invest in Latino-owned businesses in the USA.  The fund was funded in 2024 by all distinguished graduates of the LBAN (Latino Business Action Network) with the slogan “United we invest, together we prosper.” MNA Partner’s focus is on allowing other members of the LBAN network to invest and seek investment funding for their own businesses. 


MNA Partner’s approach is strategically designed to identify and capitalize on opportunities that promise superior returns, or “alpha,” by tapping into areas where the collective expertise of the members and the board can spot undervalued assets, anticipate market shifts, and exploit inefficiencies; their investment thesis includes real estate, wealth management, tax preparation, digital tech solutions, facility maintenance, and construction management.

Founded in 2014, Blackstone Realty Group is a full-service real estate Management and real estate development firm that operates Residential and Commercial properties in the state of Texas.


The firm primarily operates with the mission to reinvigorate deteriorated neighborhoods, working with local communities and HOAs on renovation programs where investors and developers adopt distressed properties and recreate a safe space where people can raise their families. 

Investment Partnerships

Whether you’re a private family investor or an entrepreneur seeking a partnership or merger, Alex Melgar can help you find straightforward, profitable investment opportunities that align with your investment goals.


Alex’s philosophy towards investing is rooted in simplicity. Many individual investors—including Alex himself—have built their wealth through their own businesses, focusing on tangible outcomes and straightforward returns. When making the move towards investing, it can take time to become well-versed in the intricacies of the stock market and the nuances of dividends.


In order to overcome this learning curve and help you realize a payoff from your investments, Alex offers opportunities tailored to your needs and preferences, keeping it straightforward and easy to understand. He believes that venture capital investment opportunities should be particular and accessible, ensuring that you can confidently make informed decisions about where to allocate your capital.


If you’re considering investing with Alex and his business partners, the key questions are simple: how long do you want to invest your money, and how much risk are you comfortable taking? He provides clarity on both fronts, offering opportunities with clear timelines and risk profiles, so you can make investment decisions that align with your goals and preferences.


Your return on investment (ROI) is paramount, and success speaks volumes. Alex Melgar’s track record speaks for itself, demonstrating his ability to consistently generate positive results for his investors.


If you’re ready to explore investment opportunities that prioritize simplicity, offer compelling returns, and align with your investment goals, Alex invites you to reach out today. 


Alex looks forward to discussing how he and you can partner together to achieve your investment objectives and unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity.


Schedule a meeting to learn more about your investment opportunities.

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